Fall 2016 Anime Lineup

Series Episode # Description
Izetta: The Last Witch
7 [CR][Fun] The Last Witch Izetta helps a small country fight the Nazis
8 [CR] A fight for world domination using historical folks from all ages.
Flip Flappers 6 [CR] Space Dandy! the Magical Edition
6 [CR] Working!!! web comic edition anime.
7 [CR][Fun] “Keijo” a type of sports where you try to wrestle with only breasts or butt on a floating island.
Poco’s Udon World
6 [CR] Slice of Tanuki Life.
Girlish Number
6 [CR] Everything wrong with voice acting (and anime) the series.
Brave Witches 5 [CR] Magical girls fight in a WW2ish era using Magical Turboprop Leggings.
Occultic;Nine 3 [CR][Dai] When Durarara and Steins;Gate has a kid.