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  • Winter Anime 2018 List

    Series Episode # Description Violet Evergarden  8 [Netflix] KyoAni’s Shit, we have all the monies? Let’s make a moving story about Saber after the war. Darling in the Franxx 8 [Ama] Trigger’s Spiritual Successor to Gunbuster! After the Rain 8 [Ama] A sweet romance between a girl and her boss. Laid Back Camp 8 [CR] […]

  • Spring 2017 Anime Season

    Series Episode # Description Sakura Quest  2 [CR] It’s Amagi Brilliant Park! If PA-Works made it instead of KyoAni Shingeki no Bahamut – Virgin Soul  2 [Ama]The Side story to the absolutely excellent Shingeki no Bahamut Re:Creator  2 [Ama] The Reverse of Re:zero; I summon a fantasy character into modern Tokyo! Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata […]

  • Winter 2016 Anime Lineup

    Series Episode # Description Saga of Tanya the Evil 9 [CR] Evil Loli Nazi Death Magi taking on the world. Tales of Zestiria the X 2 3 Season 2 of Tales of Zestiria Masamune-kun no Revenge 5 [CR] Fat to Fabulous guy trys to get revenge on an old crush. Little Witch Academia 9 Proof […]

  • Fall 2016 Anime Lineup

    Series Episode # Description Izetta: The Last Witch 7 [CR][Fun] The Last Witch Izetta helps a small country fight the Nazis Drifters 8 [CR] A fight for world domination using historical folks from all ages. Flip Flappers 6 [CR] Space Dandy! the Magical Edition WWW.WORKING!!! 6 [CR] Working!!! web comic edition anime. Keijo!!!!!!! 7 [CR][Fun] […]

  • Fall 2016 Anime NIGHT Voting!!!

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  • Summer 2016 Anime Lineup!

    Series Episode # Description Sweetness & Lightning 7 [CR] A widowed teacher and his daughter begin cooking delicious meals with one of his students. Mob Psycho 100 7 [CR] A middle school student tries to keep his powerful psychic abilities under wraps. Handa-kun 7 [Fun] A school boy, who is a talented calligraphy artist, mistakenly […]

  • Summer 2016!! Voting!

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  • Spring 2016 Lineup

    Series Episode # Description Boku no Hero Academia 8 [Fun] A super power filled world with a kid dreaming to be a hero with no power. Joker Game 7 [CR] 1937 Spy Thriller about Japan’s newly form undercover agency. Kiznaiver 8 [CR] The Kiznaiver system shares pain between 7 widely different personalities. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri […]

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  • Winter 2016 Lineup

    Series Episode # Description Dimension W 12(Fin) [Fun] Future Mugen and Parter Android works to recover illegal coils. ERASED 12(Fin) [Fun][CR][Dai] Time Traveling Protagonist works to change the past to stop murders from happening. Dagashi Kashi 12(Fin) [Fun] Japanese Candy-shop Commercial Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2 24(End) [CR] Fantasy vs JSDF 2! Now […]