Summer 2015 Episode Tracker

Series Episode # Description
12(Fin) [CR] JSDF vs Fantasyland, Bow and Arrows vs Machine Gun.

12 [Fun] Guy trapped in a MMO, but he’s the last boss in a dungeon. Looks like Naxxaramus, acts like a shy guy.

12(FiN) [CR] Just your normal School Slice of Life story… After the Zombie Apocalopse.
Himouto! Umaru-chan
12(Fin) [CR] Miss Perfect imouto is only perfect in public, Otherwise she’s lazy at home and hilarious
Monster Musume -My Everyday life with Monster Girls 12(FiN) [CR] “New York Times Best Selling Manga” Adaptation of Monster girls living with a homestay to adapt into sociaity.
Rokka no Yuusha 9 [CR] Aztec Fantasy Adventure about a smart hero claiming to be teh “Strongest on Earth” find 5 other companions to defeat the greatest evil.
Gangsta 8 [Fun] Black Lagoon’s Rock has seen some serious shit in this Europeon Black Lagoon