KickAssNetwork’s Logo Contest

Heres the deal, I’m looking for a new logo instead of Sion from Melty Blood thats currently on the top right. the new logo has to be a Original Character that has a Full size version (non-chibi) and a small Mini version such as the one that is currently up. The character type I’m looking for is someone who represents Networking and computers in some way. Kinda like how Miku Hatsune is design. Another good reference is Sion (the current character) from Melty Blood. You can abstractly say that she networks people together via etherlight. And she does have 7 processing threads to mentally go through commands. Also something purple but not required. A dark green is also good. To recap

  • A computer/network themed character
  • The Draft requires a full size and a small size version
  • A Dark green or the current purple base color is preferred.
  • A small Bios about the inspiration of your character
  • If I like it I’ll sign your name at the bottom of the pages, link to your site, give you $30 dollars. w/ possible commissions later on.

    Currently Closed