Winter 2014 Eps Tracker

The Episodes we have seen are listed below,

Series Episode # Description
KILL la KILL 20 My Uniform will Pierce the Heavens
Space Dandy 7 My name is Dandy, Space Dandy
World Conquest: ZVEZDA PLOT 7 Loli girl World Conquest!
Log Horizon 15 Politically Evil Glasses Wearing Not Sword Art
NiseKoi 7 Your School Romantic Comedy just got Shafted
Witch Craft Works 7 The not Shafted Anime about the Female Witch Prince and her Male Princess
No-Rin 6 Not Silver Spoon with 100% more not Idols.
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei 7 I’m Married to a Country bumpkin. wah?!
D-Frag! 5 My True Element is Darkness!