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Hello, I’m Arnold Sitseri. I have two loves in the world and that is Anime and Computer Networking. I love computers because it’s fast pace and always something new. In part it comes from me liking to solve puzzles and scheming things. My second love, Anime, is just something I love because of how innovative it can be. It’s a great way to express a world of ones imagination and demonstrate innovation that could otherwise not be shown otherwise. Which brings up the catch line

“Fission of Networking, Fusion of Anime”

Fission, The breaking down of objects | Fusion, The combining of objects.
As such,

“Breaking down the world of networking and combining it with anime to demonstrate imagination and innovation in networking”

Computers and Networking should be your passion, it certain is mine. Hopefully my guides and tip will add fuel to that fire by presenting things in a imaginative and playful light.

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