Mumble is up!

Due to issues,

We are moving to MUMBLE! yah!

So lets answer some questions,

1) What is Mumble?

Mumble is a Ventrilo Replacment that is really fast. I kid you not really really fast. So when you ask for that heal in wow. Your healer will get that off in time instead of resurrecting your dead corpse. Need proof?

2)How can I get it?

Where it says “Get Mumble” select your OS.

3)How can I install it.

Follow the steps. For window users it will install 2 programs Mumble/Mumur.

You want to run Mumble.

4) How to configure.

Follow the audio setup wizard it’s awesome trust me just do it.

When you get to the server setup it’s as follows.

Servername: (What ever you want)


Port: 64738 (should already be in there)

Username: (Whatever you want)

If you need help ask someone in mumble. Report all problems to me otherwise.

5) HELP! Wheres the Push-to-Talk!

Go to Configure -> Audio Input -> Transmit -> Push to Talk

To set your key binding go to Shortcut then click to the right of “Push-to-Talk” Under the Shortcut button (Where the old bind is) Then Click the key you want to set the bind too.

6)HELP! It lowers the volume of my other programs when someone is talking.

Ok for this, first ask yourself are you one of those people who can’t hear anything cause theres always explosions in what ever game you are playing. If you are you might just want to change the amount it lowers down the volume. If not then you can turn it off entirely.

For this go to Configure -> Setting

Select on the bottom right “Advance Settings”

Go to Audio Output -> Attenuate Application by…

Use the slider to change how low it drops the volume or uncheck “While other users talk” to turn it off.

7) HELP people are Spamming in Chat!!!!

For this go to Configure -> Setting

Select on the bottom right “Advance Settings”

Then go to Messages

You can select/unselect and change the audio file for everything here.

One response to “Mumble is up!”

  1. Do the audio tune wizard. Also, I’ve found better results in lowering the input amplification.
    In Configuration > Audio Input, make sure Advanced is checked, then turn down Audio Processing > Amplification. Mine is set to 5 or so, but was more that twice that by default.