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Winter Anime 2018 List

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Series Episode # Description
Violet Evergarden
 5 [Netflix] KyoAni’s Shit, we have all the monies? Let’s make a moving story about Saber after the war.
Overlord 2
 -(0) [CR]Second Season of Overlord!
Darling in the Franxx  4 [Ama] Trigger’s Spiritual Successor to Gunbuster!
After the Rain
 2 [Ama] A sweet romance between a girl and her boss.
Laid Back Camp
4 [CR] Fun semi educational series about Camping!
A place further than the Universe
 5 [CR] Going to Antarctica, Madhouse style!
Katana Maidens
 4 [CR] Sword fighting where each girl is a different style of fighting.
Hakumei to Mikochi
1 Cute tiny girls doing tiny things.
Killing Bites
1 Why is this on here? IDK it’s Amazon let’s see how it turns out.