Month: October 2013

  • Anime for Anime Night Fall 2013 Edition

    The Episodes we have seen are listed below, along with a poll for what you want to watch! Episode Tracker: Series Episode # Description KILL la KILL 11 My Uniform will Pierce the Heavens Outbreak Company 12(Fin) The Ultimate Dream Job IS: Infinite Stratos 2 12(Fin) Country Wars! Now with my jelly. Kyousougiga 9(of 10) […]

  • SSD Drives in a Large RAID Array Performance Benchmarking and Results

      SSD Drives being one of the newest forms of storage have been making rapid advancements in speed. It’s fairly common now that SSD drives are pushing the limit on whatever the latest throughput is on an interface. Of course we’re always looking for faster. So the question is how can we make it faster […]

  • Fall 2013 Currently Watching Series!

    Current Anime’s seen at Anime Night! Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova Episode 1 KILL la KILL Episode 2 Coppelion Episode 1 Log Horizon Episode 1 Outbreak Company Episode 2 Kyousougiga Episode 2 Galilei Donna Episode 1 Samurai Flamenco Episode 1 Gingitsune Episode 1 ¬†Golden Time Episode 2 Non Non Biyori Episode 1 My Mental […]

  • Fall 2013 Anime Season!!

    The new Fall 2013 Anime Season is here! As such another round of Anime night will commence. For those curious the current list of shows we will be attempting to watch and their rating is as follows, Anime Rating Kill la Kill 7.71 Samurai Flamenco 7.5 Galelei Donna 7.5 Kyousougiga 7.5 Non Non Biyori 7 […]